Wednesday, 15 October 2014

So I Read Sex Criminals: One Weird Trick

A 250 word (or less) review of Sex Criminals Volume One.
by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, Image Comics

Sex Criminals is a comic about people who stop time when they orgasm and then rob banks. Suzie and Jon are ordinary people who, when they experience the little death, go over the falls, or come, enter The Quiet (or Cumworld), a state of temporal stasis where they are free to act as the world stands still.  The two meet-cute, discover each other’s secret in the biblical manner, and begin a daring string of bank robberies to save a beloved library. But can Jon and Suzie get away it? Can they hold on to each other and find love and a good lay? Just who is Sexual Gary? Sex Criminals is the boner-joke comic the world needs, no deserves. It's filled with the inherent hilarity and incongruity of sex and is frisky good fun. It’s also, in a way that still seems completely mad to me, maybe one of the most honest and mature treatments of how actual adults have sex I've encountered in media. It manages to capture the vulnerability, excitement, and frankly, the FUN of having sex in a way that isn't manipulative or exploitive or overtly titillating. (I mean, it's a little titillating, but really, sex ought to be a little titillating.) In a world of weirdly robotic, grim pumping or inexplicably chaste shame, Sex Criminals is a breath of fresh air. And also boner-jokes. If you are halfway comfortable with the idea of sexy times and have a sense of humour, I highly recommend Sex Criminals.

Word count: 250

Post by Michael Bround

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