Friday, 10 October 2014

Deep Sequencing: A Laconic Map

Or a geographic plot map of Three
by Kieron Gillen, Ryan Kelly, Jordie Bellaire, and Clayton Cowles; Image Comics

Three is a comic about three runaway Helot slaves trying to escape to freedom from their Spartan masters, members of the "free-ist society" in history. It is an intensely historical comic that portrays realistic and real historical figures with attention to detail and thought towards historical accuracy. It is also a comic with intense attention to setting. Three is a comic that happens in a real place and documents a real journey through that space, and as such, it just BEGS for a plot map. And since I love making plot maps, a plot map of Three there now is.

Plot maps are by there very nature *SPOILERS* intensive. So, you know, read on at your peril etc.

Some methodology. While Three does a great job tying plot events to locations, some of the places are a little squishy. Using google maps I was able to place the locations of the rivers, mountain ranges, and cities with some accuracy, but placing the plot events onto this map is a bit squishier. I feel like the overall shape of the paths is within a reasonable guesstimate, since the story has the three Helots go north and then west between the two rivers and then through the mountains to Messene. I guessed the exact path using some conjecture on what appear to be mountain passes (now roads) on google maps and placed the bridge and cave kind of where I thought it might be appropriate.

As always with these things, apologies for inaccuracies or omissions.

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