Wednesday, 1 January 2014

So I Read 100%

A 250 word (or less) review of the 100% collected edition
by Paul Pope; Vertigo Comics

100% is the first comic I've read by Paul Pope, chosen because it was a last minute purchase, it was on sale, and it was a Paul Pope comic and I've been meaning to try his work. From my never-read-a-Paul-Pope perspective I was expecting 100% to be a brilliantly drawn, intensely action-focused, Sci-fi infused comic. And the cover of the comic certainly suggested that. But what 100% is, while certainly beautiful to look at, is an intimate, character driven comic about relationships with a semi-dystopian Sci-fi set-dressing. Specifically 100% tells the story of a group of young people giving it their all to make it in future-Manhattan: a degree-holding busboy, a frightened bartender , a vagabond exotic dancer, a single mother with dreams, a broke artist, and a prize fighter with a broken heart all trying to live 100%. It's, in a way I wasn't expecting, a really emotionally satisfying comic with some remarkably sharp dialogue... the way characters interact has a casual naturalness to it that has a kind of magical authenticity to it. 100% is like a comic stage play, maybe? While it maybe lacks for ballsout action, 100% still manages to be a really great looking art comic, with detailed environments, wonderfully expressive characters, and intelligent composition that makes even a series of conversations interesting to look at. I can recommend this comic... 100%.

Word count: 227

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