Wednesday, 29 January 2014

So I Read Chew: Bad Apples

A 250 word (or less) review of Chew Volume 7
By John Layman and Rob Guillory; Image Comics

This short review could have *SPOILERS* for Chew 1-6. Click here for a clean review.

Chew is certainly one elaborate and lengthy comic for being so completely insane. Over it's many chapters it has grown from a comic about a psychic cannibal detective enforcing a poultry ban to a much larger story with a cast of dozens of weirdoes pursuing a kaleidoscope of crazy storylines. Chew is very much a mountain of madness built on a surprisingly meticulous foundation of characterization, story structure and pacing. Chew: Bad Apples is a Chew comic that is about maintaining the rigorous narrative logistics of this gloriously goofy comic. Chew has, in recent issues, diffracted into some pretty separate storylines, and Bad Apples is about touching base with all of these diverse elements. It's a comic that is about keeping all of the plates, piled high with their bizarre and gruesome deserts, spinning. But! Chew: Bad Apples is still a Chew comic! The stories the comic is touching base with include the psychic cannibal cop hunting a vampire that murdered a loved one, his cyborg partner discovering a secret betrayal, and well, a bunch of other Chew family madness. It's a great, funny, mad comic that really feels like its gearing up to go somewhere interesting with its wild premise. I’m excited to see the madness that is coming!

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