Wednesday, 28 October 2015

So I Read The Fuse: Gridlock

A 250 word (or less) review of Fuse Vol. 2
by Antony Johnston, Justin Greenwood, Shari Chankhamma, and Ryan Ferrier; Image Comics

The Fuse is an ongoing comic, to read about the first chapter go here.

The Fuse is a police procedural comic that takes place on The Fuse, an orbital power station with a nebulous sovereignty, bitter inequality, and fermenting discord. The current volume centres around the death of Starlight, the star gridlocking racer of a popular sport on the verge of lucrative syndication. It is up to murder detectives Klem Ristovych, a longterm veteran of the station, and Ralph Dietrich, a recent emigre from Earth, to solve a case that will see them run afoul of the power company, drug dealers, TV producers,  and FLF, a group agitating for Fuse independence. The Fuse: Gridlock is another really satisfying instalment in the series: it continues to be a complex police procedural that uses its Sci-fi trappings and sense of humanity to tell an intriguing mystery and provide insightful social commentary. This current chapter is also significant because it manages to build off the initial great premise of the series and create intriguing new directions for the longterm story. I am now deeply invested in the both the individual episodes of the comic, but also the overall story direction of the series. If you are at all a fan of detective stories or space stations, The Fuse is a comic you really ought to be reading.

Word count: 210

The Fuse Vol. 1

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