Wednesday, 16 September 2015

So I Read Sheltered

A 250 word (or less) review od Sheltered Vol. 1-3
by Ed Brisson, Johnnie Christmas, Shari Chankhamma; Image Comics

Sheltered is a comic that distills some of the most paranoid and perplexing corners of libertarian survivalism and takes a long, hard look at their potential consequences. In the comic a group of rugged survivalists establish, Safe Haven, a remote settlement of bunkers, stockpiles, and weapons with the intention of hunkering down to survive perceived looming disasters. When Lucas, a charismatic youth, becomes convinced the end times are imminent, he convinces the children of Safe Haven to murder their parents and take control as the only means to survival. Victoria, the rebellious and smart daughter of a recent joiner of Safe Haven, is not included in the plan and is horrified when her father is killed in the uprising. With the children in charge, Lucas must find a way to keep control of his followers to ensure their survival while Victoria will do anything she can to escape and find justice for her father. Sheltered is a comic with an incredibly interesting and incisive premise that is examined with brutal honesty and portrayed with some really adept storytelling and stylish artwork. This is a comic that really exemplifies taking a high concept idea and completely unpacking it in an interesting and fascinating way. And in so doing, Sheltered becomes a kind of definitive story of children raised in a survivalist compound and approaches a kind of ideal. Or, at the very least, manages to be a pretty exciting and entertaining comic.

Word count: 241

Post by Michael Bround

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