Wednesday, 9 September 2015

So I Read Bandette: Stealers Keepers!

A 250 word (or less) review of Bandette Volume 2
by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover; Dark Horse Books/Monkey Brain Comics

Bandette is an ongoing comic. To read about the first chapter go here.

Bandette is a pure double scoop dollop of delightful. The comic series focuses on the daring adventures of Bandette, a playful young thief with joie de vivre and a sweet tooth. Stealers Keepers! tells the exciting conclusion of the wager between Bandette and gentleman thief Monsieur, to steal the most treasures from villainous mastermind Absinthe of the FINIS criminal syndicate. Bandette Volume 2 is another relentlessly fun comic filled with adventure, secret romance, feats of banditry, and brash action all delivered with a giant grin. It's an absolute joy to read. Bandette: Stealers Keepers! is also a beautiful, stylish comic. Bandette rightfully gets a lot of credit for being a gleeful experiment in happy comics (because it is a hoot), but it's also a remarkably well made comic of energetic, expressive characters living in a sun-dappled, colourful world of French streets and ornate rooftops.  This is a comic that is simply a joy to look at, even when ignoring the delightful adventures being depicted. Which makes Bandette a really special comic: the combination of totally infectious fun and gawkably masterful artwork is a pretty rare reading experience. It is really one of the more complete comics experiences available. It's also totally, completely fun.

Word count: 206

Bandette Vol. 1 

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