Wednesday, 3 June 2015

So I Read Comics Class

A 250 word (or less) review of Comics Class
by Matthew Forsythe; Koyama Press

Some say those that can't do, teach. Those people are idiots. Doing is easy, teaching is hard. Comics Class is a charming little comic about Matthew Forsythe attempting to teach a class on comics making to kids in a school. The comic shows Mr. Forsythe struggles as he inexpertly flails in front of a room of disinterested youths and generally makes a mess of things. While the events portrayed are clearly exaggerated for comedic effect, Comics Class really captures the ridiculous reality of trying to teach. I TA a biochemistry lab class, and while I feel like I do a pretty okay job of it, the truth is Teacher's Assistants are amateur teachers who have practical knowledge but no actual demagoguery training. Which of course, makes teaching a class this hustle of trying to figure out the best tools to teach with on the go. At it's best it's really rewarding, but at its worst it is absolutely Comics Class. 

Word count: 160

Post by Michael Bround 

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