Wednesday, 24 June 2015

So I Read Blacksad: Amarillo

A 250 word review of the Blacksad: Amarillo english translation
by Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido; Dark Horse Books

Blacksad is a new chapter in an ongoing story. To learn about the first chapter go here.

Blacksad is a comic about a pulp private investigator in a 1950s world of anthropomorphic animal-people. In the newest instalment our black cat detective is down on his luck and stranded in New Orleans without the cash to get home. Luckily for him he is landed a sweet, relaxing gig driving the yellow Cadillac Eldorado of a rich, Texas oil Hippopotamus across America. Unluckily for him, this car is almost immediately stolen by a pair of scruffy writers, a buffalo poet and a young lion who has just written his next great novel. It gets even worse when the car runs afoul of a murder. Blacksad: Amarillo is another great, pulpy detective comic that tells a classic crime story filled with atmosphere, action, and joy while also providing a pretty fun madcap roadtrip across 1950s America. It is also one of the best looking comics I've read: Blacksad: Amarillo is gorgeous, composed of sumptuous paintings that make every panel. It is  a comic that, despite being not particularly long, took nearly a week of reading time to gawk at. Blacksad: Amarillo also continues the series' examination and devotion to 1950s Americana, showcasing the most stylish and nostalgic elements of that era in a really interesting and evocative way. Blacksad: Amarillo is pretty much everything I want from a comic: it tells an exciting, fun story with atmosphere with masterful and inspiring artwork. Blacksad is must read comics.

Word count: 237

Post by Michael Bround

Blacksad: A Silent Hell

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