Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Dead Pig Collector Is A Good Short Story

Or Why You Should Read Dead Pig Collector,
by Warren Ellis

Dead Pig Collector is a short story explaining exactly how you go about disposing a dead body.  The story is about Mister Sun, a self-styled Dead Pig Collector who, for the right price, provides a certain service. He will kill a target and then discreetly dispose of their body. His current assignment sees him visiting loathsome Los Angeles to kill and disappear a certain target, but when he arrives he finds his client dead at the hands of his victim-to-be. A former victim who is eager to learn the art of disposing of a body. Dead Pig Collector is some creepy and informative shit and an arresting brief read.

I would recommend Dead Pig Collector to mature readers looking for a quick, chilling read. It's short, brutal, creepy, and surprisingly charming and a great way to fill about a half hour. Dead Pig Collector is only available digitally, so purchase wherever fine ebooks are sold. 

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