Thursday, 19 February 2015

So Jenn Read Wonder Woman: Blood

A review of Wonder Woman Volume 1
Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Tony Akins, Matt Wilson, and Jared K Fletcher; DC Comics

Blood is the first collected trade of DC’s New 52 Wonder Woman run, a fairly easy jumping on point to get a taste for a hero I’ve never read before. We open with a young woman, Zola, being pursued by mystery assailants. Hermes comes to her aid, and it’s revealed that she’s pregnant with Zeus’ child. She ends up in Diana’s care, and the story grows around the familiar relationships of Greek Gods. Zeus has disappeared, Hera is upset about his many infidelities, and there’s a power vacuum on Olympus to be filled. Diana takes Zola and Hermes to Paradise Island and the protection of her family of Amazonian sisters, where she must also address newfound family history with her mother, Hippolyta, and what ramifications this information may have on Olympus.  Azzarello makes a smart choice grounding the story in Greek myth –it guarantees some familiarity with the characters Diana interacts with, freeing the story from extensive exposition and allowing the action to begin quickly. The spectacular art only adds to the experience—I love Cliff Chiang’s interpretation of Diana and her sisters – strong, but still beautiful and feminine. Diana looks like she could crush a man with her thighs, in the absolute best way. The story is sufficiently gory, with some dark moments and unexpected twists. As a character, Diana is someone I want to follow further—and I will absolutely be reading Volume 2.

Word Count: 236

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