Wednesday, 25 February 2015

So I Read Trillium

A 250 word (or less) review of Trillium
by Jeff Lemire; Vertigo Comics

Trillium is a Science Fiction time travel story that explores love in the face of human extinction. In the distant future Nika is a Scientist tasked with exploring the planet Atabithi. On this planet is a temple filled with white flowers that are a potential vaccine for The Caul, a sentient virus that has wiped out nearly all of humanity. Nika seeks to make peaceful contact with the aliens of this planet to secure the cure before her compatriots resort to force. But doing so will cause something inexplicable to occur. In the past, in the year 1920, William is a veteran of the First World War trying to find meaning in his life following the trauma he suffered. In search of adventure he and his brother set on a quest to South America to rediscover The Lost Temple of The Incas to find riches and fame and excitement. But when he arrives at the temple something unexpected happens. Our two protagonists find themselves caught in some sort of phenomenon that causes them to become unstuck in time, meet and experience each others lives. Trillium explores whether these two damaged time travellers can save humanity from extinction and whether they can find love in the face of trauma. Trillium is an interesting comic filled with a classic Science Fiction story told with empathy and constructed with Lemire's evocative style. The comic also features some interesting experiments using layout and structure to delineate different time streams. It’s well worth a look.

Word count: 250

Post by Michael Bround

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