Wednesday, 28 January 2015

So I Read Seconds

A 250 word review of the Seconds Graphic Novel 
by Bryan Lee O'Malley with Jason Fischer, Dustin Harbin, Nathan Fairbairn; Ballantine Books

Seconds is about second chances. The comic follows Katie, a young chef trying to establish a new restaurant. At her first restaurant, Seconds, she was the chef driving the food at a successful establishment but not an owner. So she is leaving her home, literally since she lives in an apartment above Seconds, to start something new as a business partner. Unfortunately for Katie, things are not going well: renovations in her new restaurant space are off schedule, her romantic life is in shambles, and her continued presence at Seconds causes nothing but friction and hurt feelings. That is until Katie encounters a spirit who shows her that with the aid of a special mushroom she can rewrite the past, erase her mistakes, and earn a second chance. That is if she can keep herself out of trouble and avoid the consequences of messing with reality. Seconds is pretty great. It's hard to articulate exactly why I like Seconds so much other than to say it is endlessly charming and ineffably readable. Like, dangerously charming and readable. I read so many great comics, but Seconds is the first comic in a while that I just couldn't put down. It seriously ruined my comics rationing plan. Seconds is very much like one of its reality altering mushrooms: it possesses a magic I don't understand and yet it works really well. And, if you stay up all night reading it, it will have unfortunate consequences on reality. It's certainly worth a read.

Word count: 250

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