Wednesday, 15 April 2015

So I Read Satellite Sam Volume 2

A 250 word (or less) review of Satellite Sam and the Snuff-Fuck Kinescope
by Matt Fraction and Howard Chaykin; Image Comics

This review contains *SPOILERS*, for a clean review of Satellite Sam Vol. 1 go here.

Satellite Sam is about the murder of Carlyle White, the star of a popular children's program show during the Golden Age of television. It's also a comic about all of the subtextual sex, violence, and social problems of the 1950s. I found the first volume of the comic a little difficult to get into, with a huge cast of characters and an idiosyncratic approach to storytelling that came with a learning curve.  The comic did improve as it went and I was really invested in it by it's conclusion. Fortunately, The Snuff-Fuck Kinescope picks up right where the first chapter left off both in terms of story and quality: it is immediately an engrossing and interesting comic. This chapter essentially thickens the plot, and starts to peel back the layers of the mystery of who killed Satellite Sam. This comic also delves right into the layers of corruption, perversion, and social injustice that occurs just off the screen of the popular television program. The way Satellite Sam plays with the wholesome image of Golden Age television and all of the darker aspects of the 1950s is really interesting, and one of my favourite aspects of the comic. If you maybe gave up on Satellite Sam in its early chapters, I really encourage you to go back and give it another look. It may not be the easiest comic, but it really is shaping up to be a remarkably interesting one.

Word count: 240

Post by Michael Bround

Satellite Sam Vol. 1

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