Wednesday, 4 March 2015

So I Read The Fuse: The Russia Shift

A 250 word (or less) review of The Fuse Vol. 1
by Antony Johnston, Justin Greenwood, Shari Chankhamma, Ed Brisson; Image Comics

I love a good Police Procedural. There is just something about the formula of bedraggled arbiters of justice solving a mystery and bringing the law down on criminals that I just find endlessly watchable. I am also a huge fan of Science Fiction and am of the opinion that most genres can be improved by setting them in space. The Fuse #1 is a detective story set on an orbital power station. Ralph Dietrich, a new detective fresh off the shuttle from Earth, stumbles straight into the crime scene of a murdered vagrant Cabler. Dietrich and Klem Ristovych, a wily veteran murder detective of the Russia Shift, attempt to close the case and find themselves investigating an even larger crime that goes all the way to City Hall. The Fuse: Russia Shift, for what it is, is perfect. The procedural elements are flawless: the mystery is compelling with enough twists to keep it interesting and the detective are charismatically uncharismatic to an ideal. Even more importantly, unlike many police procedurals, The Fuse manages to transcend genre limitations and offer a really empathy filled story that doesn't punch down. Also, it is in space! So if you want to read a really enjoyable genre comic that tells a pitch perfect police procedural story and sets it in a fun Sci-fi setting than The Fuse is a must read. 

Word count: 227

Post by Michael Bround

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