Wednesday 18 March 2015

So I Read COPRA: Round One

Or a 250 word (or less) review of the first COPRA collection
by Michel Fiffe; Bergen Street Press

Like everyone who reads superhero comics owned by a gigantic corporation I have complicated feelings about the relationship. I love the characters and enjoy the work done by talented creators who work on my favourite titles, but at the same time the lack of endings, rotating creators, and occasionally boneheaded editorial choices of this publishing realm can be upsetting. Sometimes it feels like if only I, personally, were in control of the comics they would be better. And I think maybe Michel Fiffe had a similar feeling and independently made COPRA. COPRA started, at least, as a fan comic paying tribute to classic Jim Ostrander Suicide Squad stories and evolved to maybe be the best superhero team book I've read. The comic is about a team of renegades given purpose by COPRA, a secret black-ops organization specializing in super-powered suicide missions. Something goes wrong during an off the books mission, the team is betrayed, framed, and declared outlaw. While on the run the team must launch another suicide mission to punish the traitor and save the world. COPRA is everything I want in an action team book with memorable combat, colourful characters, and a general sense of awesomeness that is totally fun and rad. COPRA is also just a fantastic comic with a distinct style and a masterful and experimental approach to action storytelling. I am not in charge of comics, but if I was, COPRA is exactly the kind of comic I’d want to make.

Word count: 246

Post by Michael Bround

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