Wednesday, 12 March 2014

So I Read Scenes from an Impending Marriage

A 250 word (or less) review of a Prenuptial Memoir
By Adrian Tomine; Drawn and Quarterly

Planning a wedding is actually the worst. It's an elaborate process that is basically designed to hoover up all of your money, no matter the budget, in a series of largely unnecessary appointments. It's a process you have no experience with but is laden with all kinds of bizarre expectations and obligations. Basically it is one of the most surreal and complicated puzzles I have ever contended with. (Have I mentioned that my hometeam has been planning a wedding?) Scenes from an Impending Marriage, the prenuptial memoir of Adrian Tomine and his fiancee Sarah is their wedding keepsake that recounts their journey through the absurd process of planning a wedding. It's short and sweet and a lovely little glimpse into a pretty intimate time in the couple's lives. Scenes from an Impending Marriage are also, if you happen to be planning a wedding, fucking hilarious. Hilarious because of impeccable comedic timing and because, goddamnit, the hometeam had very nearly the same absurd, hurtful, and confused conversations. I read this comic on an airplane and laughed more than is appropriate to laugh on an airplane. That said, I am not sure if everyone will get the same enjoyment out of this comic that I did. So I recommend this comic for you poor wedding planners and maybe as a gift idea for those of you who know someone planning a wedding. (Incidentally my wedding is on Saturday.)

Word count: 240

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