Wednesday, 19 March 2014

So I Read The Manhattan Projects Vol. 3

A 250 word (or less) review of the third Manhattan Projects collection.
By Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitarra, and Jordie Bellaire; Image Comics

I am a professional Scientist. I believe in the power of Science as a lever to improve human life and elevate humanity to something better. I research cures for diseases and I sacrifice my time, financial security, and how interesting I am at parties on the altar of Science. I am a good person trying to do good things. The Manhattan Projects thinks I'm a goddamn monstrous asshole. And I love it.  The Manhattan Projects is a comic about how the real life geniuses of The Manhattan Projects are a bunch of ruthless, sociopathic geniuses performing terrible acts of Science because they can. The third volume of the comic focuses on the inevitable murderous betrayal that occurs during all Scientific collaborations. The thing about volume 3 is that it really embodies the mad in Mad Science. One of the things about madness that I've always found chilling is how quickly it can shift from something weird and harmless into something fucking terrifying. And third volume of the Manhattan Projects has really thrown itself into the terrifying. It is a very smart, very chilling comic that builds on the ongoing story and pays off a lot of the ongoing plotlines. Volume 3 also cuts out the safety net and increases the stakes of series going forward: the house that Science built is on unsound, faintly radioactive footings. So, despite the toxic things The Manhattan Projects Vol. 3 has to say about me and my colleagues, it is really worth checking out.

Word count: 250


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