Friday, 14 February 2014

Deep Sequencing: On The Air

Or some of my favourite quotes from comic books
By G Willow Wilson, Warren Ellis, Jonathan Hickman, Brian Clevinger, Matt Fraction, Alan Moore, Brian K Vaughn, Kelly Sue DeConnick

One of the things I love about Air is that it has this absolutely perfect line of dialogue right off the bat that really establishes the tone and feeling of the series. It also did a really great job piquing my interest as a reader and establishing G Willow Wilson as a writer with some serious chops. Even now, months after I finished Air, I think of the quote in question whenever I consider the series. It's really a remarkable and effective bit of writing.

Which got me thinking, what are some of the other comics quotes that have really stuck with me months or even years after I finished reading a given comic? What are the bits of writing that reflect some ideal truth or moment that are worth sharing and being appreciated by other people?

And so in celebration of Air's quotable moment, here is a completely unscientific info graphic of memorable comics quotes that immediately occurred to me when I decided to write this post:

Despite the very random nature of this list, there are a couple things in common between these quotes that have stuck with me. A lot of them are at the beginning of a comic collection, series, or issue and solidifies the tone of the issue or series. Actually, most of these quotes go beyond that for me and shape the overall understanding of the larger story. Like the hospital quote from Casanova let's us know that Gula would be a much darker, harder comic than Luxuria. Or the Ex Machina quote, from the final issue, reflects the way that last issue alters the fabric the entire preceding series. Which maybe speaks to just how important writing is to comics: as much as amazing art elevates the best comics, great writing can latch on with the strength of the most brilliant visual. Hurray for writers.

(Also, dramatically dropping Pa-Zow! in everyday situations is more fun than it should be.)

What are some of your favourite quotes?

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