Wednesday, 1 July 2015

So I Read Shutter: Wanderlost

Or a 250 word or less review of Shutter: Vol. 1
by Joe Keatinge, Leila Del Duca, Owen Gieni, and Ed Brisson; Image Comics

There is a certain vein of adventure media from my youth that would pair a dashing adult explorer-type with their kid and send them on amazing quests filled with mystery, magic, horror, and generally impossible things. These stories would always be action packed, but would always turn out alright for the heroes who would learn life lessons and maybe enjoy a wholesome beverage at the end of every misadventure. Shutter is kind of like the comic that wades into this nostalgia-hazed sub-genre and applies real world rules and consequences to this hyper-fantastic world. Which, it turns out, makes for a pretty compelling read! Specifically, Shutter tells the story of Kate Christropher, the only daughter and partner of legendary explorer Chris Christopher, a decade after his death. While she still lives in a fantastic world filled with a cat-alarm clock robot, minotaurs, fairies, UFO police, and a billion other crazy things, she is trying to build a mundane and comfortable life for herself. Except on her 27th birthday Kate is ambushed at her father's grave by ninja ghosts and a steampunk robot and now finds herself the target of assassins and kidnappers working for a mysterious force. Now Kate must return to the life of danger and adventure to survive and confront whoever it is behind these attacks. Shutter is, as I've mentioned before, a compelling read.

Word count: 226

Post by Michael Bround

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