Wednesday, 22 July 2015

So I Read Finder: Third World

A 250 word review of Finder: Third World
by Carla Speed McNeil, Jenn Manley Lee, and Bill Mudron; Dark Horse Books

Finder is one of my favourite comics. It's a comic that manages to wed empathetic, nuanced stories to one of the most effortlessly dense Sci-fi settings I've ever read. Every moment of Finder is a curated act of discovery in a fractal construct of speculation and fantasy. If you are at all a fan of Science Fiction, Finder Third World is a must read. Finder is also one of the most masterful comics I read: this is a comic filled with wonderful character work, dynamic layouts, and exquisite flourishes of lettering, inking, and craft. Third World is even in colour! If you are a fan of well made comics, Finder Third World is a must read. Basically I cannot recommend Finder and Third World enough. The comic itself focuses on Jaeger, the half-Ascian Finder with the mysterious healing factor and a penchant for getting into trouble. In Third World Jaeger decides to go legit and take a real job becoming a courier for X-Rays. He quickly rises through the ranks, taking on increasingly demanding and outlandish jobs until a work place mishap dumps him in Third World where he might learn the secret behind his past. Finder Third World uses Jaeger's courier jobs to tell a great bunch of funny, thought provoking, heart felt, and creepy short stories that build to a dramatic climax. This chapter is a great showcase of the heady concepts, beautiful artwork, and brilliant comedy that defines Finder. Finder Third World is why I love comics.

Word count: 250

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