Wednesday, 3 April 2013

So I Read Mystery Society

A 250 word (or less) review of the Mystery Society collected edition.
By Steve Niles and Fiona staples, IDW Publishing

Mystery Society is kind of like a Saturday morning cartoon in a beautiful comic package. The story follows young occult bookstore owners turned millionaire adventurers Nick and Anastasia Mystery as they set out to debunk urban legends and conspiracies. They are joined by a steampunk robot piloted by the brain of Jules Verne and Secret Skull, a lady who is also dead, and a pair of twin super-powered experimental subjects. Together they form the Mystery Society where they have run-ins within an out-of-control military industrial complex and hijinks ensue. The script by Steve Niles is pleasant enough, with a very happy-go-lucky retro-cartoon feel. It's clever, with some fun jokes and slight twists and is perfectly enjoyable. The real reason to read Mystery Society, though, is to gawk at Fiona Staples' art: it's absolutely gorgeous. The designs are delightful, the characters expressive, and everything is sumptuosly colored. The artwork is worth the price of admission. So if you want to read a remarkably beautiful comic book with a fun premise and a pleasantly well written script, check out Mystery Society.

Word count: 179

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