Wednesday, 12 August 2015

So I Read Zero: Tenderness Of Wolves

A 250 word (or less) review of Zero Vol. 3
by Ales Kot, Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Adam Gorham, Alberto Ponticelli, Marek Oleksicki, Jordie Bellaire, and Clayton Cowles; Image Comics

Zero: Tenderness of Wolves is part of an ongoing series. To read about Vol. 1 go here.

Zero: Tenderness of Wolves continues the story of Edward Zero, an assassin and spy trained and indoctrinated from childhood to be an obedient killer. Except in Zero Vol. 3, Edward is free, living in a kind of happiness in Iceland. But when you are the kind of killer Zero is, there can never really be peace and when his former handler gives him an offer he can't refuse Edward Zero reactivates. Zero: Tenderness of Wolves continues the tradition of askew psychological drama with really brutal, really horrifying violence and is just a pretty great comic. Zero: Vol. 3 also really exemplifies the way Zero is also an art showcase anthology: every chapter/issue of Zero is a special story written to show off the skills of a different artist. Which gives every portion of Zero a unique visual identity and makes every story a fantastic example of oddly comedic tension or creepy futuristic horror or  truly brutal fight scenes of unbelievable violence. Zero is a worthwhile read both for the quality of its ongoing story and for the quality and variety of the artwork being showcased. You'll discover a subversive, violent world and maybe a new favourite creator or two. 

Word count: 199

Post by Michael Bround

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