Wednesday, 26 November 2014

So I read Secret

A 250 word (or less) review of Secret,
by Jonathan Hickman, Ryan Bodenheim, Michael Garland, Rus Wooton; Image Comics

Secret is an espionage thriller comic about Grant Miller, an agent of the private security firm Steadfast, as an abduction and a murder in London send him on a collision course with a gigantic, dirty secret. Overall I’d say Secret is quite a good comic. The plot is pleasantly dark and enigmatic and action packed, key moments are intense and brutal, and the art is oddly perception skewing. It certainly feels like a comic meant to deliver a subversive, truth warping story which managed to evoke a queasy sense of paranoia while reading it. Secret is also a very concise comic which delivers a well-realized, taught narrative with a lot of skill in a small space. As much as I enjoyed Secret, I can't shake the feeling that the comic could have been even better than it was. While Secret is certainly a very good comic, I can't help but feel that Hickman, the writer of the labyrinthine and slippery The Nightly News, is capable of a much more convoluted and devious comic than Secret turned out to be. Secret was originally billed as an ongoing, and I  wonder how the story might have turned out were it given more room to breathe and develop. Regardless, secret reads as a smart thriller comic with a few really intense and remarkable moments and is worth obtaining by any means necessary. But if you steal it, Don't. Get. Caught.

Word count: 237

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