Monday, 24 November 2014

Marvelling At Captain Marvel #9

Or a rhyming plot map of Captain Marvel #9
by Kelly Sue DeConnick, David Lopez, Lee Loughridge, Joe Caramagna; Marvel Comics

Captain Marvel #9 is the Shakespearian rhyming Rock Opera we all want and sometimes deserve! It is wicked good fun. And since I really want to talk about this comic and have nothing substantial to say besides "gee it rhymes", I decided to tackle Captain Marvel #9 by trying to make a rhyming plot map for the comic. 

This being a plot map (of sorts) it will contain *SPOILERS*. So take head lest I become a goodtimes foiler. 

Some quick things: I love the audacious rhyme of "Builder War" with "Carol Corps". It's fun that there is now an in canon pronunciation guide for the Carol Corps. Also, it's pretty interesting that the Shakesperian Rock Opera of CM#9 is basically a gender swapped fairy tale, with the royal to be wed against their wishes being the son. It's another fun choice. 

This issue was a riot and is just kind of exactly what I want from a mainstream superhero comic: it's well made and super fun!

(And to everyone I know out there who is "too good" for super hero comics, look, you just totally missed out on a rhyming rock opera comic that is wicked good.)

Post by Michael Bround

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