Wednesday, 5 November 2014

So I Read Finder

A 250 word (or less) review of Finder Library Vol. 1 & 2 and Finder: Voice
by Carla Speed McNeil; Dark Horse Books

One of the things I love about comics is that you can find these treasure troves of fantastic stories. Finder is absolutely one of these amazing comics gems. Finder is a far future comic that mainly revolves around Jaeger Ayers, a half-Ascian Finder, a special kind of tracker, with a mysterious healing factor. The chapters of Finder flit between Jaeger's dual lives as a tomcat in the hyper-urban domed cities of the future and his life as a wandering outcast in the wilderness. The city stories also heavily feature Jaeger's adoptive family: his abusive former sergeant, the man's fey botanist wife, and their three daughters. The stories of Finder are all intense and beautiful and arresting, but fit together loosely. Finder is light on overarching plot, which is for the best because the comic is more about the fantastically realized Science Fiction world Finder creates and the deep, complicated relationships between characters. And really, as fantastic as the stories are, the magic of Finder is its Sci-fi world: it’s at once effortless and alive while also immaculately constructed, from the ruling urban doppleganger clans to the societies of lion-hybrid amazons in the wilds, Finder is just this constant act of discovery. Finder also exhibits some expert level design work and is a modern classic of storytelling. Finder is a comic that has spanned more than a decade so when you visit this world (which you absolutely should) there is so much to enjoy. Seriously, Finder is a must read comic

Word count: 250

Post by Michael Bround

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