Wednesday, 27 August 2014

So I Read The Property

A 250 word (or less) review of The Property 
by Rutu Modan; English edition by Drawn and Quarterly

For whatever reason Superhero stories dominate the comic medium. They tend to tell stories with giant, earth smashing stakes filled with larger than life characters with elaborate, theatrically tragic stories. I kind of love them. But, what maybe these comics loose sight of is that every humble person also has a story. A story that's maybe filled with sadness and triumph, laughter and love. Stories that can, despite their mundane nature, be every bit as compelling and engaging as the largest Superheroic epic. The thing I love about The Property is how it brings to life these humble human stories in a way that is absolutely magical. The Property tells the story of Regina Segal and her adult granddaughter Mica as they travel back to Warsaw, Poland from Isreal to reclaim long lost property. Except the purpose of Regina's trip is more complicated than she lets on and Mica's Polish inheritance isn't quite what she expects. The Property is very much a human story filled with love, the exasperating comedy of family, the tragic echoes of occupied Poland, and a mystery worth solving. It's a great, accessible story. The Property is also beautifully crafted, with Rutu Modan's endlessly beautiful, minimalist line creating an endlessly expressive world. If you are looking for a non-genre comic to read, or are interested in a more literary/art comic that isn't experimental or depressing, I couldn't recommend a better comic to try tan The Property. It's great comics.

Word count: 243

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