Wednesday, 23 October 2013

So I Read Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

A 250 (word or less) review of the Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong Graphic Novel
By Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks, First Second Books

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong starts as a story about highschool politics when Charlie, captain of the basketball team and affable jock, gets caught in a dispute between Nate, the intense leader of the Robotics club, and Holly, the ruthless head Cheerleader, as they declare war over extracurricular funding. What follows is a game of dirty politics as Nate and his long-suffering teammates attempt to win a school election against Charlie, the unwilling pawn of the merciless cheerleaders. Can Nate and Charlie stay friends despite a vicious election? Will the Robotics team make it to their competition? Will the Cheerleaders get their new uniforms? Will all the family and high school drama work itself out? Oh, and there are fighting robots eventually. Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is a fun, accessible comic that I think should appeal to just about everyone. The story is involving, the humour is infectious, and Faith Erin Hicks artwork is, as always, fantastic and endless fun. I am profoundly (profoundly!) over high school, and I still found Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong perfectly winning.  And if Shen and Hicks can win me over, then I bet they can win you over too. Fighting robots!

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