Friday, 5 July 2013

Eye on Hawkeye #11 Pt. 2

Or the many parrallels between Pizza Dog and Hawkguy
By Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Matt Hollingsworth; Marvel Comics

While looking over Hawkeye #11 for dog-related touches, I noticed something else: there are a metric ton of parrallels between Lucky AKA Pizza Dog and Clint AKA Hawkguy. Like, in just Hawkeye #11, you see Pizza Dog go throuh a story arc that contains many of the same defining moments Clint has had throughout the series. In some cases, nearly shot for shot. I thought it would be fun to go through some of these parrallels, so I will.

It goes without saying that this sucker is going to be wicked heavy on the *SPOILERS*. So do yourself a favour and read the comic first.

From  character design perspective these characters already have certin parallels. Clint is the avenger who is just a dude, and a kind of down on his luck one at that. How this is conveyed vsually is that Clint is bandaged, battered, and often wearing torn and satined clothing. Basically, he always looks like he hs just had the crap kicked out of him. Lucky is the avenger's dog who is just a dog. And this is conveyed visualy in a similar way: in Hawkeye #1 Lucky was hit by a car and suffered some pretty catastrophic injuries including the loss of his left eye. As a result, Pizza Dog has that same perpetually scruffy, beat up look that Clint does.

Early on in the issue Pizza Dog is approached by a damsel in distress, kind of like Hawkguy was in issue #3 and #8.

Pizza Dog guards the apartment building like Clint does in issue #6. This is literally a shot for shot parallel.

The damsel-in-distress dog, though, has a larger agenda and eventually honey-traps Pizza Dog to distract him from the return of the Tracksuit Draculas. This has some sizable parallels to Clint's relationship with Penny who uses her sexuality to manipulate Clint into doing what she wants.

And after cuddling or whatever these two dogs did, Pizza Dog becomes aware of the return of the Draculas and goes from a pleasant restful position to action time, which is quite like the scene with the Hawk-blocking from issue #3.

Pizza Dog fights overwhelming numbers of Tracksuit Draculas in a parrallel to Clint who does this often. (To be fair, there are fewer Draculas for Pizza Dog, but he is not an Avenger, he is a "dog with the proportional strength of a pizza".) 

Pizza Dog falls over the side of the roof. This has happened to Clint before.

And lastly, after getting his butt knocked out, Pizza Dog comes to surrounded by enemies in a scene that teaches us something about the Tracksuit Draculas and advances the story. Which has some striking similarities to a scene that happened to Clint in Hawkeye #6.

So yeah, Pizza Dog has a VERY Clint adventure in Hawkeye #11. It is a spectacular issue with so, very many layers to pick away at.


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