Monday, 3 June 2013

So I Read The Unwritten: The Wound

A 250 word (or less) review of The Unwritten Volume 7
By Mike Carey and Peter Gross; Vertigo Comics

This review will contain numerous unavoidable *SPOILERS*. For a *SPOILER* free review of The Unwritten go here.

The Unwritten is a comic series about the power of literature and fiction to shape societies. The series centers around Tom Taylor, the real life inspiration for a Harry Potter-esque boy wizard novel series, as he learns to tap into the power of the Leviathan, the personification of humanities collective imagination. The previous collection, Tommy Taylor and The War of Words, felt like the end of an act: Pullman was defeated, the cabal was damaged, although the victory was tempered by the apparent demise of Lizzy Hexam and wounding of Leviathon. In short, it was the end of many of the comics established storylines. The Wound picks up a year after the events of the previous six collected volumes and picks up with Tom and Pulitzer Prize winning Vampire, Savoy trying to heal an injured Leviathon and save Lizzy Hexam. The Wound also introduces us to "Didge" Patterson, an Aborigines detective from Queensland, who is investigating a Tommy Taylor cult and Daniel Armitage, a former member of the Cabal, looking for a new life, as they are brought into the crazy world of Tommy Taylor.  In many ways The Wound is the start of a new story set in The Unwritten. I was concerned that The Wound would feel like a tacked on sequel to a series that should’ve ended, but I’m pleased to report that this collection feels like a natural progression of the story. If you’ve enjoyed the comic thus far, The Wound should please too.

Word Count: 247

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