Wednesday, 12 June 2013

So I Read Chew: Space Cakes

A 250 word (or less) review of Chew Volume 6
By John Layman and Ron Guillory, Image Comics

This review will contain unavoidable *SPOILERS*. For a *SPOILER* free review of Chew please go here.

I often feel like one of the key advantages that creator owned comics have over mainstream books is their sheer originality. Chew, let it be said, has originality in spades. The kind of out of control originality that makes you pause and wonder if it might just be a bit mentally unbalanced. But, you know, in a charming, fascinating way. Chew is a comic about sometime FDA agent Tony Chu, a Cibopath who can gain psychic impressions from everything he ingests, as he pursues various forms of food criminals, from the low level poultry bootlegger to the exotic criminal with a food related ability. Space Cakes sees Tony out of commission and instead follows his twin sister Toni while he recovers. Toni is like a more fun and well-adjusted version of her brother: she is a Cibovoyant, able to forecast the future of any person she bites, and an agent of NASA. In Space Cakes Toni and other Chew staple characters investigate the disappearances of people with food related abilities. Oh, and Poyo the cyborg fighting rooster has a solo adventure. Chew: Space Cakes is one very fun and funny comic drawn in a delightfully bombastic cartoon style. This volume is also the first collection that really shows evidence of the hidden mechanism of the broader Chew plot: all this borderline insanity is finally feels like it's going somewhere. Chew, it's worth checking out because there isn't anything else like it.

Word count: 240

So I Read Chew Volumes 1-5

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