Friday, 7 December 2012

Going Rogue

Or how Rick Remender may have jut solved one of the most perplexing continuity problems in comics.

Alright, Rogue's sex life has always bothered me because it makes no sense.

Let me explain...

Actually, before I get going, for those of you unfamiliar with rogue of the X-men (why are reading this?) here is her deal. She was a mutant terrorist with the power to temporarily borrow another mutant or superheroes powers by initiating skin-to-skin contact. This has the added effect (or at least classically had) of stealing their life force. A little touch renders people unconscious and prolonged contact can put someone in a coma or even kill them. This Rogue's power is also her curse and the realm of physical intimacy has been something she could never have.

(In fact, her power first manifested when she kissed her high school sweetheart which put him in a coma.)

All of this is a great metaphor about puberty... but it also makes zero sense.

Like most kids of the Internet generation I'm aware that there is a wide spectrum of glorious perversions and alternate approaches to physical intimacy. Not being able to engage in skin-to-skin contact is, at least by the standards of today, a pretty easy problem to solve. It's well established that Rogue, in her soul-stealing-sucubus days, could safely touch someone while wearing gloves, which means that she simply needs a way to prevent skin to skin contact to allow intimacy. Today there are dozens of companies that leverage cutting edge material science to produce skintight, pliable, touch sensitive full body garments for people with certain sets of sexual interests. Pair one of these bodysuits with judicious use of male and female prophylactics and Rogue could easily and safely have a sex life. She'd jut need to be a bit creative and kinky.

And really, it's the only situation that's believable.

Now, in uncanny avengers #2 this happens:

This would seem to indicate that at the very least Rogue and Gambit, during one of their on again, off again romances had gotten into bondage. While this doesn't speak directly to rubber or latex fetishes, I don't think it's too muh of a stretch to assign that link to them as well. And now thanks to Rick Remender it's very nearly canon.

Which I appreciate.

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