Wednesday, 27 May 2015

So I Read Saga Volume 4

A 250 word (or less) review of Saga Vol. 4
by Brian K Vaughan, Fiona Staples; Image Comics

This review is for an ongoing series and may contain *SPOILERS*. To read about the beginning of Saga go here.

Saga is a comic about building families and trying to sort out how to be an adult. I mean, it's also a Space Opera about fugitive lovers from opposite sides of a galaxy spanning war filled with imaginative and awesome Science Fantasy amazingness who against all odds have a kid. But really, it's about making a marriage work, raising a kid, and making that transition into being a grown-ass person. While I may not have goat horns and a magic sword, as someone who is in their late twenties whose education is finally turning into a career, who is recently married, and whose spouse is currently pregnant with our first spawn (which is amazing and existentially awesome and scary), Saga is just a story that profoundly resonates with me. Saga Vol. 4 specifically deals with the reality of what comes just after: protagonists Alana and Marko are married, have their kid, a career, and a functional family thing and now have to fight to hold onto it. To fight against the slowly brewing forces of Robot Class Warfare, Space Empires, violent Bounty Hunters, but mostly against ennui and temptation and the fact that reality is kind of an unromantic drag. Saga Vol. 4 is a fantastic roller-coaster filled with imagination and fun and also a fraught meditation on this stage of life I've suddenly found myself in. It's scary and arresting and perfect. Please let everything work out. Please.

Word count: 239

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