Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Just The Tips Is A... I Want To Say Good Book

Or why you could read Just The Tips,
by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky; Image Comics

Just The Tips is a sex advice book from the creators of the Sex Criminals comic. It answers some questions about sex, I guess. I mean not very effectively; I wouldn't give Just The Tips to like, a curious teenager looking for information to make informed decisions about doing it. But if you want to read some hilarious not-very-helpful and, yeah, sometimes terrible sex advice, dirty talk suggestions, and pick up lines mixed with some amusing sex anecdotes and porn-in-the-woods stories from Brimpers, the unofficial official fanclub of Sex Criminals, this is a pretty enjoyable little book. 

Also, book design, excellent book design. Seriously you guys look at the book design. This has to be the best looking inane sex advice ever printed. Easily. 

I would recommend Just The Tips for sexually active adults who have a sense of humour about sex stuff. It's obviously not for minors, the prudish, or my parents. So uh, enjoy responsibly.

Post by Michael Bround

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