Wednesday, 4 June 2014

So I Read Big Questions

A 250 words (or less) review of the Big Questions graphic novel
by Anders Brekhus Nilsen; Drawn & Quarterly

There are certain questions that have plagued the greatest human thinkers throughout history. What is the meaning of life? Is there a god? How can happiness be attained? Where are these delicious donut crumbs coming from? Big Questions is a comic about a flock of tiny grey finches struggling to interpret existence as a violent human world intrudes. It's a comic filled with, well, big questions asked by charismatic little birds as they face tragedy and try to explain inexplicable new events in insightful and unexpected ways. Big Questions is a philosophical textbook presented in a charming, accessible story filled with humour, unexpected violence and horror, and the breadth of life. The artwork of Big Questions is absolutely beautiful: a deceptively simple style that is at once childlike and ghostly stark. This is a graphic novel of immense craftsmanship filled with tiny-bird-grafted humanity and some truly profound thoughts and moments. If you have ever stared up at the sky and wondered what the point of it all is, this is a comic you ought to read. If you just like perfectly crafted and original comics, this is also a must read. Because it is perplexing great comics.

Word count: 197

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