Wednesday, 21 May 2014

So I Read RASL

A 250 word (or less) review of RASL the complete, collected series
By Jeff Smith; Cartoon Books

Rasl is an inter-dimensional art thief who steals alternate versions of this world’s masterpieces. However, in a past life, Rasl and his best friend and colleague, Dr. Miles Riley, were military engineers developing technologies based on the works of Nikola Tesla. It was during this time that Rasl developed his T-suit, the electromagnetic device that allows him to travel through the Drift and visit other dimensions. Meanwhile Dr. Riley was developing the St. George Array, a weapon which taps into the Earth's magnetic field and promises enormous strategic value. A weapon that can only be completed with knowledge only Rasl possesses. And so Rasl is literally on the run from his past as his former employers pursue him through the multiverse. RASL is a tale of hubris, Mad Science, and personal betrayal. It is very much a proper Thriller comic built around a solid Science muggufin. Despite being yet-another-Tesla-comic and my gigantic pet peeve of inaccurate Science premises, RASL ends up being a really enjoyable read. Part of this is that comic does a really good job not overdoing the Science while also providing a really fascinating biography of Tesla. The other part is that RASL is gorgeous: Jeff Smith manages to imbue his cartoons with a truly remarkable amount of life and style. RASL then, is a comic with a solidly engaging plot featuring artwork completely worth the price of admission.  (I do feel, though, that it takes awhile to really get to speed, so give it a chance.)

Word count: 250

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