Wednesday, 27 March 2013

So I Read The Infinite Wait And Other Stories

A 250 word (or less) review of The Infinite Wait And Other Stories graphic novel
By Julia Wertz, Koyama Press

People are inherently interesting. They live complicated lives, feel profound emotions, and they live a lifetime of events, choices, and dreams. That said, some people are more interesting than others. Julia Wertz, I think, is one of those more interesting people. The Infinite Wait is one in a series of autobiographical comics by Julia wertz that essentially tells two stories about her (well also a short thing about how great libraries are). The first part of The Infinite Wait relates Wertz's many jobs through time and acts as a terrific primer on who Julia Wertz is for anyone unfamiliar with her (like me!). The second part of the book deals with Wertz's diagnosis with systemic lupus and the emotional and physical ordeals this caused. Both stories are delivered with a matter-of-factness, a sense of humor, and a warts-and-all honesty that really makes the comic an enjoyable read. The artwork in the Infinite Wait is simple: black and white and drawn with a  basic, cartoony style. It looks like a real person drew it instead of a professional illustrator (not to imply artists aren't people or Julia Wertz isn't an artist). This simple style is perfect for the story: it has a humility to it that perfectly matches the story (Wertz must be fucking tired of these kinds of comments. Sorry!). The Infinite Wait is the first autobiographic comic I have ever read and it was delightful.

Word count: 236

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