Wednesday, 12 September 2012

So I read Casanova: Avaritia

A 250 word (or less) review of the third Casanova volume.
By Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba, Icon Comics

This book is like a gut punch of creativity. In Avaritia, superspy Casanova Quinn is sent throughout the multiverse to murder the man who would become Newman Xeno, uber-criminal mastermind, over and over and over and over by any means necessary. This book is ANGRY, from its violent story by Matt Fraction to the angular figures by Gabriel Ba (back on art duties from brother Fabian Moon) to the fierce red colour palette of colorist Chris Peter.1 If the first two Casanova issues are vintage pop rock alternately celebrating (Luxuria) and subverting (Gula) comic book tropes then Avaritia is punk rock played by Kurt Vonnegut on the gradually imploding conventions of comics storytelling while announcing that the myopic uruburu of recycled superhero stories is fucking bullshit. Or something?2  It's potent stuff. There are also some considerably less angry, but no less declarative comments on creation/authorship in this book, which I honestly don't complete grok yet in their fullness. What I do understand is pretty profound though. Once again, all I can really say is that Casanova is a must read comic that is beautiful, experimental, profound, and fucking awesome. Also fuck the man, and fuck his uncreative comics.3

Word count: 198

1: I would be remiss to not mention the great hand lettering of Dustin Harbin. So classy.
2: I lost my train of thought while looking for someone to punch.
3: I try not to rock the expletives so much, but Avaritia is a book that fucking requires it. Man!

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