Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Service Update

Or a brief hiatus

Hi all,

Sorry for the late notice and lack of update. I, uh, just migrated to a new country today. I spent the last couple weeks frantically packing for the movers and finishing up stuff in Vancouver, Canada instead of writing blog posts and reading comics. Today I flew to my new home in Cincinnati, Ohio, in America instead of updating the blog. And now I'm sitting alone in my empty, rented house without internet waiting for my furniture and family to join me. So... it might be a week or two until things are back up and running. Which... I hate having breaks like this, I really do apologize. 

I will post to the usual places when things are back up (@mjbround on twitter, @atollcomics on tumblr), but it shouldn't be more than a couple weeks.

On the plus side, I have all of Urasawa's Pluto and a pile of Sim's Cerebus phonebooks to read and time to do it. Time to fill in some holes in my reading list!



  1. Wow, welcome to America Mike! Hope you have fun here, it's less exciting than in the comics, that's for sure. Eagerly awaiting your return and your regular posts.

  2. Yo, Come back, your analysis were the best.

  3. Hi, Michael! I hope this message finds you and your family well, with the pandemic and all that. I'm just writing to let you know that I miss your posts. Try and write something now and then. I'm starting a blog about comics today (in Portuguese), and your blog is maybe my great source of inspiration, even today. Best regards, Marcius (from Brazil).