Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Service Update: Sick Day

No update this week... again

Sorry everyone. I got back from my vacation and came down the the ur-cold. The cold that shattered Pangea and killed the dinosaurs and sunk Atlantis and now stalks the airways to strike down unwary travellers. Unfortunately my wife also has the ur-cold. Our baby who already had it and gave it to us, and was basically mostly okay and open to adventures when she had it, has decided to take advantage of parental weakness. She has discovered a new game called doing what she isn't allowed to provoke a reaction. Which she finds hilarious (and which problematically kind of is). So, uh, no updates? Things should resume next week. 

(Is it normal for babies who are 9 months old to already be testing social boundaries like this? I though we would have more time...)

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