Monday, 5 November 2012

... You Wouldn't Eat Crap Would You?

Or the satisfying world of consuming only good comics.

Man aren't bad comics the worst and the people who make these piles of hot garbage scoundrels and idiots? Amiright? Also: other such comments.

Seriously though, you may have noticed that this blog is mostly me raving about comics and novels I really enjoyed and that I've mostly avoided slandering comics I haven't enjoyed. Part of it is I find trashing media kind of a waste of time and effort. (I'll admit that a well written take down piece can be pretty entertaining... But it's not what I want to do.) Mostly though, the lack of negative reviews is the result of my choice not to read comics I know or suspect that I'm not going to enjoy.

Basically I try to only read the good stuff and, guys, it's pretty amazing.

(I do draw a distinction between complaining about crumby comics and agitating for change in comics. Drawing attention to the lack of diversity, systemic sexism, bizarrely prevalent episodes of sexual abuse, and other offensive shit in comics helps generate a discourse and hopefully some form of positive change. I think it's a good thing.)

Part of this decision to read only the good stuff is pure economics. Comics are expensive and buying a book you know you aren't going to enjoy is just a poor use of resources. Even if the not-very-enjoyable book is free, you still have to invest time and attention on it which is still wasting a previous commodity (time can't be bought or earned.) 

But even if you were an immortal being with unlimited wealth, reading comics you know you won't enjoy is profoundly misguided because there is just so many amazing comics to read. The menu for geeky things in general and comics in particular is just so full of amazing things to consume: there are literally decades of amazing comic books to read, with more and more being made every month. So choosing to purchase known (or strongly suspected) bad content is like paying a premium for slops while at a fine dining restaurant with a menu of delicacies. It's absolutely ludicrous.

And guys reading only good things is amazing. Every week I have a nice big stack of stuff to read and ALL of it is great. All of it. I am extremely excited to read every single thing I buy each week and enjoy the crap out of nearly all of it. I mean, I take chances on new things which are occasionally not my cup of tea, but even for that my media consumption since installing formally Darwinian rules has been super positive. If you have things in your stack that are alright-but-not-amazing, I suggest you weed them out and try new and better things with the time/money you saved. It'll only make the experience better.

And honestly, stop reading and bitching about bad comics if for no other reason than buying a crap comic supports its continued existence and takes money away from far better comics.

And if you need a suggestion as to what you should read, I have ideas.

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